Past Projects in Kenya

Omoit Family

Mr. Omoit and his five children have had an expecially hard year with thier farm and crops. So bad that the youngest two, three year old twin boys were hospitilized for malnutrition. The hospital staff and the community reached out to EYGC. Our AMAZING donors were able to collect the funds needed for Mr. Omoit to start a grocery store in his own home!

The Omoit family live in a rural area. The car that was to deliver the store supplies could not drive down. A Boda Boda or Motorbike had to be hired to finish the trip.

The family made a room for the store in thier home. Shelves are to be made and put up inthe next few days. The Supplies arrived safely!!

This small support from EYGC has changed the lives of these six people. Not only has it put food in thier bellies, but sustainability for years to come. Not only for this family but the surrounding families as well. The Omoit family now had a bit of pride and respect.

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