Ebwicha Project

EYGC has four acres in the Village of Ebwicha. EYGC has met with numerous members of the local community and it has been agreed upon that what the farming community needs and wants the most is a safe place where the 3,4,5 years olds of the community can spend part of there day learning.

The community of Ebwicha consists of about 210 families and 1,800 people. 100 of those people are ages 3-5. Most familes farm to survive and none of the homes have running water or electricity.

What EYGC has: Property, Community Support, Pupils, heart and soul and a desire.

What EYGC needs for a school to happen: Fence, Water, buildings, school supplies (chalkboard, books...), Teachers, and a way to pay for everything...

Update: We have started the well and a driveway has been put in on the property. 

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Gallery of pictures

Pointing to where the well is being put in.

The driveway is being put in.