We are putting together a cookbook to represent the wide variety of cultures now living in the area. We are still looking for recipes! Do you have a story that is connected to your favorite recipe? We would love to add those stories to the cookbook. Submit them with your recipe. 

Holland's Global Favorites Cookbook

Enter Picture Competition!

We are looking for pictures for the cookbook! Do you have a picture of a favorite dish?
There are multiple age categories.
Each age group will have two categories- Photography and Art (Drawing, painting, etc):
3-6 year olds
7-10 year olds
11-13 year olds
14-18 year old
1. Images should be related to food - raw ingredients, families cooking together, a finished dish, be creative!
2. Please submit high quality digital image of the submissions. We do not want to be responsible for original pieces.
3. The best overall will be used on the cover. The best for each age group will be used as a divider.

We will do our best to incorporate all submissions.