All Are Welcome!

We are a Christian organization that strongly believes that we need to love all our neighbors.  In heaven, every nation will be singing God's praise in their own tongue! We have the opportunity to be part of God's amazing diversity here on earth. 

Our heart for every nation as lead us to provide programs and resources to build bridges, empower youth, and impact families in Western Michigan area and in Kenya. 

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Grants Awarded to EYGC!

Empowering Youth Global Connection (EYGC) cannot operate and do the work that has been put on our hearts with out the support from YOU!! Community means everything. Not only Financial Support but also Encouragement in the form of sharing Facebook Feeds, Instagram and LinkedIn posts, Hands on support in the form of Volunteering at our Library, or Fundraisers or being a board member. All forms of support are encouraged and welcome but most of all appreciated!!!! 

MI Nonprofit Relief Fund


Capital Growth

Community Foundation of Holland / Zeeland

'24-'25 Support 

Growth of EYGC

Michigan Department of Labor & Economic Opportunity: Global Michigan

'24-'25 School Year

Pride of the Nations Program

           West Michigan Corporate Support 

                           THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT!!!


In Kind Support for Culture Class and Reading Safari


Reading Safari Library - Matching Grant and 
Building Bridges Together

Fellowship Church

Kenya High School Scholarships
Ebwicha Water Project

                   Kenya Corporate Support 

                           THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT!!!

UTV - Kenya

(UTV) Touching Hearts:
Kenya High School Scholarships