Early Childhood Education and Community Center for Ebwicha, Kenya

It is the hopes and prayers of both the community at Ebwicha and EYGC to work together to open this center.  BE apart of this life changing development for not only Ebwicha, but all of Western Kenya!

COMING SOON!!!! (with your help)

The sketch at the top of the page includes the entire property that EYGC owns in Ebwicha. The farm would be to the far left. This Farm would be a teaching farm where different techniques can be tried out. The farm will also help support the ECE center with food for the students.

The small grey box on the left is the current location of the water Kiosk and tower. This will get its own gate for the community to access the water. As well as supply the school and farm.

The smaller pink box is the community Library where we hope to have books in both of the national languages of Swahili and English as well as the local language of Luyha. A Community computer lab will also be housed in the Library.

Spaces in the school will support the children during the day and the community in the afternoons. Classes, sewing and other activities can be hosted here to benefit the entire community as well as eventually allow the school to be self sufficient. 

The Early Childhood Education center or "School" will provide a safe, educational space for 3-5 year old's to start on their educational journey.

This space also gives the mothers of these children a safe place for their children to stay and learn while they gain some freedom to work outside of the village. 

The teaching format will be specifically tailored for a community based multi-generational support and education. 

Areas for both indoor and outdoor play, learning and dinning with indoor pluming, electricity and running water. 

A total of 16 classrooms is supported in this design with the main level being wheelchair accessible and provide all amenities. Classrooms will not exceed 20 pupils per room. If needed am and afternoon sessions can be provided and accommodate as many as 600, 3-5 year old's.