Access to a diverse collection of books can impact all who interact with it.

EYGC Global Diversity Library

It is uplifting to read books written by people who know you and your culture. It is enriching for those not of the culture to learn about a world outside their bubble.

EYGC has over 600 titles in its global Library! All different reading levels and topics. We have books on Jamacia, civil rights, women scientists, board books with people of color, books on England and books written by African women, books in MANY books! Yes, there are many diverse books in the local public libraries, but still not enough.

We have divided our collection into six mobile libraries. Currently, we have those libraries at:
- Bethany Christian Services in Holland
- The Bridge in Zeeland 
- the Momentum Center in Grand Haven

Now, with our new office, we are looking forward to expanding our library in a permanent, accessible location in addition to our mobile libraries.

If you would like to support this specific program, we have a wishlist of books on Amazon. We also welcome donations of used books for all ages. Ideally, we would like them to be connected to other cultures, countries, race, etc. Would you like to be one our mobile library sites? Contact us!